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Dec 31, 2012 9:00am EST
think it'll change eventually. >> so what did you make of all of the talk after obama's election in 2008 that we have moved into a post-race society? america has put racism and the structures of thought and the structures of power that arrive from that behind us? >> that was just, that was my favorite, favorite act of wishful thinking, you know? that was my favorite moment of collective wishful thinking. i mean, that's gibberish, you know? that's gibberish. the election of one person doesn't speak to larger issues, i think, the way that people would like it to. we have to address always not what happens to one individual, but what is happening to communities. the individual, hey, the individual you could get a woman elect her to this office. and the majority of women are not getting these kind of jobs. you can have a will smith who's, you know, headlining hollywood films and yet, african-american actors are utterly underemployed in every other area. and for me, i think that the focus on the individuals allows people to distort what's really, really happening. and listen, this is a c
Dec 23, 2012 5:00pm PST
first gay married couple to appear in the new york times vows column. yet, here was obama whom you were supporting cautious, holding back, letting others take the lead, not saying anything to publicly reinforce the commitment you had made. >> i understand that politics in a democracy -- and we didn't elect a king in 2008, we elected a president. and you know, that doesn't mean that and it's also so infuriating to me when people go on about how obama really believes that the only way to do this is so bipartisan and that he's still waiting for john boehner and mitch mcconnell to become decent. of course he doesn't think that. but he knows that he's not mitt romney saying 47% of the country are people that i have nothing to do with and i don't care about. he knows that he's the president of the people of the united states which includes 47 percent ironically who voted for mitt romney. and so you know, you have to be able to say, well, why is the first african american man to run for the office of president not willing to say as he's running for president, "oh, and by the way i believe in g
Dec 23, 2012 6:30pm PST
one thing i love about obama is that he is absolutely not naive. and you know, you don't get elected president, when you're a black guy if you're naive. this man -- you know, i couldn't get elected, you know, dogcatcher in my building. he's managed this miracle, he's re-elected american president. >> and yet in some of your recent speeches, you keep telling young people to agitate, agitate, agitate. >> no, that's -- >> i think you said to them if you don't commit and get active, the world's going to end. >> absolutely, well, and i believe that. i believe that literally. i used to say that hyperbolically, but now with climate change i believe that absolutely literally. but being active as a citizen doesn't mean being, you know, sort of mindlessly in opposition. and you know, anarchism's much more romantic than, you know, electoral politics. you get to wear sexier clothing and hang out in parks and, you know, really scream about the revolution, and that's thrilling. but if you don't actually believe that we're in a revolutionary moment and if you've read the history of revolution you m
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)